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a plate of food on a table next to a body of water

Satisfy your cravings: Explore the food scene in Lake Wisconsin and surrounds

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The picturesque landscape and plethora of water-based activities are usually the calling cards for people vacationing or moving to the Lake Wisconsin area. But we all have to eat! And many people don’t realize just how many scrumptious restaurants Lake Wisconsin has. The various Lake Wisconsin bars also offer the perfect way to finish an idyllic day out on the water. And the culinary delights don’t stop there. With several wineries and distilleries in the area, and some brilliant food events, there’s so much to delight the tastebuds of every local and visitor.

From cozy pubs to elegant wineries, we’re going to take you on a gastronomic journey, exploring the best restaurants, bars, wineries, and events in the Lake Wisconsin area. Prepare to be inspired by the delightful flavors and unforgettable experiences awaiting you in this remarkable food lover’s paradise.

Savor the best meals in Lake Wisconsin’s restaurants

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or just don’t fancy traveling far for a delicious meal, there are so many wonderful places to eat right on the shores of the lake. On the north-western side of the lake we have Moon Valley and Merrimac. Both towns are right on shores of the lake, so anything you find in either will be just a stone’s throw away. On the southern side of the lake there aren’t any town centers right on the shore, but Lodi and Poynette are close by and both zip codes have delightful gastronomic options on the shores of the lake. Poynette options are at the eastern side of the lake. Lodi covers the central and western sides.

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Moon Valley and Merrimac restaurants

If you’re looking for a cheap feed, Ferry Xing Bar & Grill, Piccadilly Circus Pizza (located in Charlie’s Lakeside Country Store), and Candy’s Merrimac Café are both low-cost options that will tickle your tastebuds. If burgers are your thing, Ferry Xing Bar & Grill makes the best in the area. There’s also the Moon Valley Café if you’re just after a coffee and snack.

Varsity Club and H’s Place are a little pricier but totally worth the extra cost. Varsity Club in particular has excellent service and is known for delicious fish meals, including a fantastic fish fry. H’s Place is renowned among locals for its scrumptious pizza and other Italian foods.

Moon Vally Café and H’s Place are both located in the Moon Valley area. The other three are located in the Merrimac area.

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Poynette restaurants

On the south-eastern side of Lake Wisconsin there are two wonderful restaurants — Remi’s Thirsty Moose and Anchor at Lakeside Bar & Grill. In the past, Anchor had some customer service issues, but new management took over in April 2022 and the service has improved immensely. The Moose is one of the most popular eateries in Poynette, so it’s definitely one of our top picks. It offers great service, a wonderful view of the lake, and music on the weekends.

If you’re in town in the winter (mid January to the beginning of March), definitely check out The Moose as it plays host to events from the Southern Wisconsin Ice Racing Association on Sundays, making it an exciting day out for all ages. Just be aware it can get a little noisy when the races are on!

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Lodi restaurants

On the south-western side of Lake Wisconsin there are two great restaurants in Lodi that are popular with locals and visitors alike.

  • Fish Tales Restaurant is the best-rated restaurant in Lodi, according to TripAdvisor. It’s menu includes seafood, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and steak (this is a fan favorite), and it’s a great option for a family meal.
  • Sunset Harbor Bar and Grill offers the best value meals on that side of the lake. This popular eatery offers sandwiches, burgers, salads, wraps, and seafood all for very reasonable prices. There’s a different speciality on every day of the week (e.g. Taco Tuesday, Wing Wednesday, and so on). Perhaps the best bit is that they offer a place to dock your boat, so it’s perhaps the quickest way to grab a feed on the shores of Lake Wisconsin.

If you’re basing your activities more centrally on the south side of Lake Wisconsin, you’ve got another two highly convenient options:

  • Fitz’s on the Lake is another popular choice from Lodi, especially for lunch — the salad bar is pretty popular. Fitz’s serves good ol’ American cuisine, such as burgers, sandwiches, and salads, and, of course, it also offers seafood. Haddock cakes are one of the most unique and popular meals on Fitz’s menu.
  • If that’s not your cup of tea, Lucky’s is nearby with an excitable atmosphere. The menu is full of typical American cuisine, including sandwiches, salads, burgers, seafood, and steak.

Finally, if you’re camping in the area, check out our dedicated list of the best places to get food while camping in Lake Wisconsin.

Unwind at Lake Wisconsin’s cozy bars and pubs

When it comes to bars in Lake Wisconsin, there aren’t quite as many choices when compared with the number of restaurants and cafes. But there’s still a great selection.

If you’re keen to grab a relaxing alcoholic beverage on the north side of the lake, both Ferry Xing Bar & Grill and Varsity Club offer great bar service and a friendly atmosphere to boot.

On the south-eastern side of the lake, Remi’s Thirsty Moose and Anchor at Lakeside Bar & Grill have plenty on offer to quench your thirst.

a plate of food on a table next to a body of water

Further west, you’ll find Lucky’s, which has one of the best atmospheres for a drink at the bar. Fitz’s on the Lake is a great choice if you’re after a healthy meal along with your drinks.

And at the south-western side of the lake, you’ll find Fish Tales Restaurant, which is the top-rated bar in Lodi.

There’s also the Sunset Harbor Bar and Grill, which has an excellent rotating selection of craft beers. You can even dock your boat right at the establishment and come right in off the water for a drink.

Raise your glass to Lake Wisconsin’s finest wineries, distilleries, and breweries

The above restaurants, cafes, and bars are great for nourishment in between activities. However, if you’re looking for an activity that is itself gastronomic, look no further than a day trip to one of the exceptional wineries, distilleries, or breweries in our local area.

Closest to Lake Wisconsin, practically on the lake, is the Wollersheim Winery & Distillery in Prairie Du Sac. This national historic site is over 150 years old making it a fascinating place to visit.

If you’re concentrating on the eastern side of the lake, Rock N Wool Winery is also very close by in Poynette. This winery uses only Wisconsin-grown grapes and offers free tasting plus free wagon rides on Saturdays, so it makes for a really fun trip.

If you’re keen to check out a few artisanal beverage producers in one go, nearby Baraboo is a great place to visit, with four such facilities:

And if you’re keen to tour a little more extensively, there are alcohol producers in Wisconsin Dells and Madison:

a man holding a glass of wine

Immerse yourself in Lake Wisconsin’s food events

To round off your Lake Wisconsin gastronomic experience, our area offers a variety of food and beverage events that cater to different tastes and preferences. From beer and wine events to farmers’ markets and food festivals, there’s always something happening to satisfy your inner foodie.

Beer and wine events in April and May

During the months of April and May, Lake Wisconsin and nearby areas become a hub for beer and wine enthusiasts, as a range of events and tastings take place. Visitors can expect to sample a variety of locally produced beverages, learn about the production process, and even participate in guided tours of local breweries and wineries.

Lodi Outdoor Summer Craft, Vendor, and Flea Market

Held annually in May, the Lodi Outdoor Summer Craft, Vendor, and Flea Market is a fantastic opportunity for visitors to explore the local food scene. In addition to an array of crafts, vendors, and flea market finds, the event also features food stalls and trucks offering a delicious selection of local fare. This family-friendly event is an excellent way to spend a day indulging in the culinary delights of the region.

Waunakee Farmers Market and Wauktoberfest

For those willing to venture a little further, the Waunakee Farmers Market is held every second week, offering a wide range of fresh produce, homemade goods, and artisanal products. The market is a great way to support local farmers and discover some of the best and freshest ingredients our area has to offer.

In September, the town of Waunakee also hosts its annual Wauktoberfest, a lively food and drink festival that celebrates the region’s German heritage. Visitors can expect an abundance of traditional German cuisine, live music, and, of course, plenty of beer. This unique event is not to be missed, as it provides a fun and engaging cultural experience for all ages.

Embark on a culinary adventure in Lake Wisconsin

Lake Wisconsin and its surrounding areas offer a rich and diverse food scene that both locals and tourists alike would be disappointed to miss. With an incredible variety of restaurants, bars, wineries, distilleries, and breweries, there’s something to suit every taste and preference. The unique food events and festivities further enhance the gastronomic experience, adding a touch of local culture and fun.

Exploring the best restaurants in Lake Wisconsin presents a unique opportunity to discover the region’s culinary delights, from cozy waterfront cafes to more elegant dining establishments. The vibrant bar scene offers a chance to unwind and mingle with locals, while the numerous wineries, distilleries, and breweries provide a taste of the region’s finest beverages.

Food and drink events, such as the Lodi Outdoor Summer Craft, Vendor, and Flea Market, Waunakee Farmers Market, and Wauktoberfest, offer an immersive experience that showcases local talent, produce, and tradition. These events provide a fantastic opportunity for tourists and locals to connect and celebrate the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Lake Wisconsin’s food scene is a treasure trove of gastronomic delights waiting to be explored. From the best restaurants on the lake to the exciting food and drink events, there’s always something happening to satisfy your culinary cravings. Embark on a culinary adventure in Lake Wisconsin and experience the unforgettable flavors and experiences that await you in this food lover’s paradise.

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