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*The following instructions apply to ONLY person(s) who plan to drive or operate a Boat and/or Jet Ski.

Passengers are not required to do anything the steps below do NOT pertain to them*



31  Years or OLDER (Born BEFORE 1-1-89)

You are exempt from the boater safety requirements. You do not need to take the course to legally operate a boat or jet ski. Nothing additional is required.


  • Do  you plan to drive a boat or Jet Ski?       YES or NO
  • Are you born AFTER January 1, 1989?        YES or NO



30 Years or YOUNGER (Born AFTER 1-1-89)

If you answer yes to BOTH of these questions you MUST complete **OR** possess a Boat Safety Certification (if you are UNDER the age of 31) prior to your reservation. This is required by the state of Wisconsin, the cost is $10 and it is valid for the year it’s completed. If you do not have proof of this upon arrival (screenshot or printed) your reservation may be rescheduled and charged 20% rebooking fee. Follow steps below to get started.


Step 1. Click the link below

Step 2. Click “Register” in the top right corner

Step 3. Create an account

Step 4. Start study course

Step 5. Print or screenshot completion and bring it with you. ALL SET!

**Steps to complete this course faster are provided in your booking confirmation email**